Activities – Leisure

Casa do Correio - Miranda do Douro - Freixiosa – Rural Tourism

Total rest, in an atmosphere of utmost tranquillity, as well as hiking, off-road or biking activities in contact with nature, breathing the freshest air within the NATURAL PARK OF INTERNATIONAL DOURO

where you'll find breathtaking landscapes...!


You can also take a cruise along the waters of the International Douro, seeing the neighboring country on the other side, as well as a large variety of rupicolous birds that go to Douro’s cliffs to nest.

Amazing landscapes...


Activities in Casa do Correio:

- Swimming pool
- Outdoor Sports
- Reading
- Games: Cards, Checkers, Chess, Pictionary, Monopoly and others

Places of interest to visit:

-The Viewpoint of Freixiosa (Miradouro da Freixiosa)
- The “Transmontanas” villages
- Nautical Park - Medieval Bridge of Canos
- Museum of Miranda
- Cathedral
- Episcopal Palace
- Ruins of the Castle
- Walk through the City Wall
- Municipal Library
- Visit the dams of Miranda do Douro, Picote and Bemposta Freixiosa
 - Miranda do Douro, located in northeastern “Trás-os-Montes” on the right bank of the Douro River
- Visit the cities of Zamora and Salamanca / Spain

In the surrounding area:

- Hiking and walking
- Cruise on the Douro River
- Off-road
- “Mirandese” Donkey rides
- MTB (Mountainbike)
- Canoeing
- Fishing
- Hunting

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