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Casa do Correio - Miranda do Douro - Freixiosa – Rural Tourism

A natural charm of several traditions and customs, with a genuine “Mirandese” character, rich in fauna and flora, with a wide variety of rupicolous birds, invites us for hiking, off-road or biking activities. It is an ideal environment to breathe clean air and to relax and recharge in a harmonious coexistence with nature in its purest state.

For sure, the real “Portuguese Soul” lies in places like this, located within the northeast region of Trás-os-Montes, with simple and genuine people.

In Miranda do Douro you will find several restaurants where you can taste the varied “Mirandese” cuisine,

such as the well known Posta Mirandesa (a typical dish of roasted beef), Cabrito Assado (roasted lamb) and the famous Enchidos Transmontanos, especially the delicious Alheiras of Miranda do Douro (a type of Portuguese sausages).

There are a lot of commercial spaces
where you can buy the different and
typical kinds of smoked meat,

from Trás-os-Montes, as well as the local delicious sweets, such as the divine Bola Doce. You will also find all the typical handcraft from Miranda do Douro such as the bagpipes, the honor capes, the castanets, cutlery…